Intl. Journal of Temporal Deflective Behavior
Vol. 4, No. 2041, pp.608, 2018
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The PHD Movies - Free during the Coronavirus Crisis: A need-based model for infering nano-informatic structures

Cham, J. G.*, Slackenerny, M. A. and Smith, B. S.
*California University of Technology, Pasadena, CA
Stanford Institute Center, Palo Alto, CA

(Received in final form 20 March 2018)

This paper presents an alternative visual web-enabled interpretation of the short-based graphical sequential narration titled The PHD Movies - Free during the Coronavirus Crisis (THE). It is hypothesized that use of this secondary interface suffused with third-person linguistic usage and academic spatial distribution will provide improvement in perceived acumen generated from stochastic interactions with supervisory archtypes found in learning environments. Results show that persistent exposure to phdcomics dot com (PDC) is mildly correlated to jocular deportment, which suggests improvements in temporal-delay behavior of bounded activity.

1. Introduction

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"Piled Higher and Deeper" (PhD) is the comic strip about life (or the lack thereof) in academia. "Piled Higher and Deeper" the comic strip has appeared in The Stanford Daily for the past nine years, and in the MIT, Carnegie Mellon University and Caltech newspapers among others. The strip has appeared or been featured in the journal Nature, the Chronicle of Higher Education, IEEE Potentials magazine, Math Horizons magazine, Stanford Magazine and Canada's The Peer Review magazine among others, and has been linked to by USA Today's and The Washington Posts websites. Three collections of the strips have been published: "Piled Higher and Deeper: A Graduate Student Comic Strip Collection" (ISBN 0-9721695-0-4) was first published in June 2002, and collects the first five years of the strip; "Life is tough and then you graduate: The second collection of Piled Higher and Deeper comic strips" (ISBN 0-9721695-2-0) was published in April 2005 and collects the sixth, seventh and eight years; "Scooped! The Third Piled Higher and Deeper Comic Strip Collection" was published in April 2007 (ISBN 0-9721695-3-9).

2. Literature Review

Notable reviews: "Hilarious." - The Chronicle of Higher Education "You'll laugh and wince at Jorge Cham's smart comic strip, which feels your pain, your panic, your coffee addition... and your departmental politics." - "Jorge Cham makes the daily grind just a bit more tolerable." - Stanford Magazine "Use this comic for procrastination or decompression, as you see fit." - The Journal Nature "Creator Jorge Cham knows the graduate world well enough to make fun of everything and everyone in it... but also reminds us of the reasons why grad students chose to study their fields in the first place." - Washingto

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Vol. 4, No. 2041, pp.608, 2018