The We Have No Idea
Pre-order Giveaway!

The We Have No Idea

Pre-order Giveaway!

Pre-orders for WE HAVE NO IDEA are now closed! Stay tuned for instructions on how to claim your rewards and prizes. Thank you so much to everyone who pre-ordered!


Reward #1
Free PDF collection


Pre-order We Have No Idea and get a free PDF collection of Jorge's science comics (like this one, or this one, or this one)! Want to know how lasers work? Or why Cancer is hard to cure? This bonus collection is for you!

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Reward #2
Exclusive Comic


UNLOCKED! Get an exclusive PHD "Tales from the Book Tour" Comic available only to those who pre-order.

PLUS! Every person who pre-ordered the book (and registered) enters a raffle to win one of these awesome prizes below!


Grand Prize


Jorge and Daniel will create an 8 panel comic that explains your research (or anything appropriate of your choosing). Ever wanted a PHD Comics about your work? Here's your chance! 3 winners will receive an original digital comic drawn by Jorge Cham.

*  Extra Prize #1  *

UNLOCKED! Jorge and Daniel will name a hypothetical new particle of matter after you. 10 winners will receive a framed certificate with an original portrait of you as a particle drawn by Jorge Cham.

*  Extra Prize #2  *

UNLOCKED! Jorge will draw the anti-matter version of you. The anti-matter version of you is the opposite of everything you are. 10 winners will receive an original digital caricature by Jorge.

How to Enter:

Stay tuned for news on how to claim your rewards and prizes!

U.S., Canada and U.K. only (sorry).
Stay tuned for more promotions in other countries.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who can enter?
This current promotion is open only to the U.S., Canada and the U.K. Stay tuned for promotions in other countries (WE HAVE NO IDEA is being translated to over 13 languages).

Is purchase necessary?
Technically, we can't check if you bought the book, but please do! We bet you're going to like it a lot.

How do I claim my rewards?
Fill out this form, and we'll e-mail you on May 9 with details on how to access your rewards.

What's this about naming a particle after us?
As you'll learn in the book, physicists have a pretty good list of all the matter particles that have been found so far. But it remains a mystery how many different types of particles there are and what many of them are for. Therefore, it's perfectly feasible for us to hypothesize particles that bear a striking resemblance to you and whose behavior eerily seems to match your personal quirks.

What's this about an anti-matter version of us?
As you'll learn in the book, every matter particle in nature has an anti-matter version of itself. Anti-matter particles behave exactly like regular particles (except they have opposite charge) and can even form anti-atoms, and possibly anti-molecules and anti-people. Somewhere in the Universe, there could be an exact version of you, but made out of anti-matter!

If everyone in my lab buys a copy of your book, does that increase the chances you'll make a comic out of our research?
Why yes, yes it does.

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