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Latest News:

03/17/15 - Who owns your data?
Hint: It's not you.
12/11/14 - The Biggest Fish In The World
Meet the Whale Shark
12/08/14 - From Toilet To Tap Water
How To Use Bacteria to Power Desalination
12/02/14 - Quantum Knots
How to make a noise-proof Quantum Computer.
10/01/14 - Where do we come from?
The answer: Nuclear Pasta.
7/22/14 - Cosmic Inflation Explained
Flex your BICEP2.
7/2/14 - For the Birds
How do birds know who they're related to?
6/09/14 - Fusion Explained
Fusion Energy could change the world. What is it and why don't we have it?
5/15/14 - A Real-Life Dr. Who
Meet a man who traverses extra-dimensional black holes on a daily basis.
3/31/14 - Neil Armstrong on Being a Nerd
An Engineer's Manifesto by the First Man on the Moon.
3/05/14 - Carbon Sequestration in the Amazon Plume
An unlikely partnership between a tiny plant and a microbe crate create over half the food in the Amazon Plume region.
2/26/14 - The Dead Sea Scrolls
Who wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls and Why?
2/20/14 - Jerusalem Explained
A Brief History of the much-contested Temple Mount in Jerusalem.
2/10/14 - Quantum Entanglement
How do you make something that has never existed before?
12/31/13 - A Brief Interview with Stephen Hawking
We were granted a one question interview with Prof. Hawking.
12/10/13 - The Fish Detective!
Cara Simonsen explains why she stalks fish in the name of science.
11/28/13 - What is Aging?
Joao Pedro de Magalhaes explains what science knows about why we grow old.
10/30/13 - Vaccines and Autism
Should you get vaccinated?
10/14/13 - Zombie Coral Reefs
Matt and Alex travel to Curacao to learn about coral reefs.
10/04/13 - The Joys of Teaching
A free clip from The PHD Movie.
09/26/13 - The Search for New Antibiotics
Naowarat (Ann) Cheeptham describes where new drugs can come from.
09/06/13 - Big Data, Old History
Adam Crymble describes his Digital Humanities Thesis in two minutes.
08/22/13 - Quantum Computers Explained
John Preskill and Spiros Michalakis describe how the Quantum World is different and how that can lead to powerful Quantum Computers.
08/05/13 - Why Bees Are Important
A third of the food you eat benefits from bee pollination. What if they go extinct??
07/22/13 - Rebound: an Earth story
Did you know the Earth's crust is still rebounding from the retreat of ice sheets 12,000 years ago?
07/08/13 - Coffee and The Brain
How much coffee is too much coffee?
6/24/13 - How plants defend themselves
Elvira de Lange describes her thesis in two minutes.
6/10/13 - A Quantum Experiment
Physicists Amir Safavi-Naeini and Oskar Painter describe how they did the impossible.
5/27/13 - Tapping Thesis
Jorge and Crystal take a Tap Dancing lesson from ethnographer Sally Crawford.
5/14/13 - Exoplanets Explained
John Johnson and his team of astronomers explain how we can detect planets that are hundreds of light years away.
5/06/13 - Crowdsourcing Science
The AudioPhiD takes a close look at the current funding climate for basic science.
4/24/13 - All the world's a stage...
Ph.Detours travels to London in search of the real Shakespeare.
4/9/13 - Chew on This!
We learn how hyenas and dogs got their big, bad bites from Dr. Zhijie Jack Tseng in the latest episode of Two-Minute Thesis!
3/22/13 - A Situation of Some Gravity
True Anomalies takes a closer look at Eddington, Einstein, and what it means to weigh light!
3/11/13 - New Ph.Detours!
Beyond Cosplay: Alex takes us to the Comic Arts Conference to discuss the serious side of comics with the SuperScholars.
2/28/13 - New Two-Minute Thesis!
Think your research is up to snuff? Learn how to build an artificial nose from Ph.D. candidate Gino Putrino.
2/23/13 - New Podcast Episode!
The AudioPh[i]D presents: A Kil!!! A punny romp through the noir...
2/14/13 - Comics: An Inside Look
Alex talks to Ph.D. candidate Keegan Lannon about how comics capture your imagination in Episode 5 of Ph.Detours!
2/7/13 - Your Brain by the Numbers
Just a few mind-blowing facts about your mind.
1/31/13 - Mystery Tubes!
New Two-Minute Thesis: What Matan Shelomi discovered when he dissected a stick bug...
1/24/13 - Scurvy Knaves!
True Anomalies Ep. 2: How guinea pigs saved the world from scurvy!
1/16/13 - When Nerds Attack!
Ph.Detours goes to Comic-Con to find out what makes someone a superfan.
1/9/13 - Bridging "The Science Gap"
Is there a gap in the public's perception of science? Check out Jorge's talk at TEDxUCLA!
1/2/13 - What's Language Got to Do With It?
New Two-Minute Thesis from Sara Ciesielski on language and culture learning with Sherpa children!
12/19/12 - A PSA from Your Professor
It wouldn't be the holidays without a little, er, friendly advice from your professor, would it?
12/19/12 - Thanks, guys!
It's been a crazy 12 months! We just wanted to thank you all for watching, laughing, and participating in all of our shenanigans in 2012. Here's to another year of PHDtv!
12/17/12 - Are you Les (really) Misérables?
Send us your lyrics by posting them on Facebook. Or tweet them @phdcomics #lesreallymis.
12/11/12 - New Animation!
We are such stuff that stars are made of... find out why in "The Fingerprint of Stars," a new episode of Things Explained!
12/4/2012 - New Podcast Episode!
What do hermit crabs, the Italian seismology scandal, and nuclear fusion have in common? They're all topics discussed in the new episode of The AudioPH[i]D!
11/27/2012 - New Two-Minute Thesis!
Ph.D candidate Or Graur tells us about Type Ia supernovae in "The Secret Lives (and Deaths) of Stars"!
11/20/2012 - Shock and Awe
Explore the world of 18th-century electrical party tricks and kissing games with Abbé Jean-Antoine Nollet and Benjamin Franklin in the premiere of True Anomalies (Tales from the History of Science)!
11/1/2012 - New! Ph.Detours Episode 3
Watch Jorge Cham as he learns the physics of surfing from Ph.D student Assaf Azouri. Physics, Cartoonists, and Surfing, Oh My!
10/25/2012 - Open Access Explained!
Nick Shockey and Jonathan Eisen explain what open access publishing is all about.

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