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 10/27/1997Very Close - First Phd strip!
 10/28/1997Calling Mom
 10/29/1997Why are we doing this?
 10/30/1997Grading Homeworks
 10/31/1997Pi/2 TA
 11/4/1997Quarter System
 11/5/1997Dating Odds
 11/6/1997Tourist Attraction
 11/7/1997TA Answer times two
 11/17/1997Research Independent Study
 11/18/1997Research Independent Study
 11/19/1997Research Independent Study
 11/20/1997Sleep blink
 11/21/1997Sleep Calculator
 11/22/1997Dead Week
 1/6/1998Geeks Anonymous
 1/7/1998Geeks Anonymous
 1/9/1998Geeks Anonymous
 1/30/1998TA crush
 2/2/1998Dating at Stanford
 2/4/1998Raining at Stanford
 2/6/1998Mike Slackenerny introduction. The Geekiness is strong in this one...
 2/9/1998Mike Slackenerny. Free food. It binds us.
 2/11/1998Mike Slackenerny. A PhD. students needs not such things.
 2/13/1998Mike Slackenerny. Training conclusion.
 2/17/1998Apologies to Shakespeare
 2/18/1998Apologies to Shakespeare
 2/20/1998Apologies to Shakespeare
 2/25/1998Learn spanish!
 2/25/1998Aprenda espan~ol!
 2/27/1998Grad student etiquette
 3/2/1998Stanford Tree
 3/4/1998TA crush
 3/6/1998TA crush
 4/1/1998Spring Break
 4/3/1998Spring Break
 4/6/1998Prospective grad student
 4/8/1998Prospective grad student
 4/10/1998Engineering ratio
 4/13/1998Engineering ratio
 4/15/1998Engineering ratio
 4/17/1998Student Elections
 4/22/1998Group meeting, conference in Hawaii
 4/24/1998Group meeting, conference in Hawaii
 4/27/1998The little grad student - `Paid for my work`
 4/29/1998The little grad student - `Paid for my work`
 5/1/1998Happy Birthday
 5/4/1998On campus housing - Ethernet
 5/6/1998Housing - Manzanita Trailer Park
 5/8/1998Housing - Hooverville
 5/11/1998Housing - Conspiracy
 5/13/1998Housing - Revolt vs. Must-see-TV
 5/18/1998Career Fair
 5/20/1998Career Fair
 5/22/1998Slackenerny - going to Vegas
 5/27/1998Housing - I have a dream...
 6/3/1998Season 1 Finale
 6/3/1998Season 1 Finale
 6/3/1998Season 1 Finale

 9/23/1998Season 2 intro - PhD. drama sampler
 9/25/1998Housing - Living in your cubicle
 9/28/1998New master`s students` smell
 9/30/1998In-room Ethernet connection
 10/2/1998Quals - Flashback
 10/5/1998Thesis topic - grad school application
 10/7/1998Thesis topic - grad school application
 10/9/1998Thesis topic - Epiphany
 10/12/1998After-lunch siesta haze
 10/14/1998After-lunch siesta haze
 10/16/1998Career tip
 10/19/1998Slackenerny - married
 10/21/1998Slackenerny - married
 10/23/1998Warning label
 10/26/1998Funding - sponsors
 10/28/1998Slackenerny - TA - Our mascot is a tree!?
 10/30/1998Slackenerny - TA - Our mascot is a tree!?
 11/2/1998Day dreaming
 11/6/1998Slackenerny - TA - Our mascot is a tree!?
 11/9/1998Visiting Researcher - Mariko
 11/11/1998Visiting Researcher - Mariko
 11/13/1998Grad Housing Town Hall meeting sketch
 11/16/1998Visiting Researcher - Mariko
 11/18/1998Visiting Researcher - Mariko
 11/20/1998Visiting Researcher - Mariko
 2/22/1999Free what? (return of comics to the Daily)
 2/26/1999Strange behavior
 3/3/1999Strange behavior
 3/5/1999Strange behavior
 3/10/1999Strange behavior
 3/31/1999Strange behavior
 4/5/1999Grad Student documentary
 4/7/1999Grad Student documentary
 4/9/1999Grad Student documentary
 4/12/1999Grad Student documentary
 4/14/1999Grad Student documentary
 4/16/1999Grad Student documentary
 4/21/1999Egg Donor
 4/23/1999Egg Donor
 4/26/1999Egg Donor
 4/28/1999Passing out
 4/30/1999Happy Birthday
 5/3/1999Graph - Work output
 5/5/1999Graph - Motivation level
 5/10/1999Day dreaming
 5/12/1999Conference in Pisa?
 5/14/1999Star Wars craze
 5/24/1999PhD - Episode 1
 5/26/1999PhD - Episode 1
 5/28/1999PhD - Episode 1
 6/2/1999PhD - Episode 1

 9/0/1999Season 3 intro
 9/23/1999Season 3 intro
 10/1/1999What have I been doing??
 10/4/1999What have I been doing?
 10/6/1999What is... The Thesis?
 10/8/1999What is... The Thesis?
 10/11/1999What is... The Thesis?
 10/15/1999What is... The Thesis?
 10/18/1999What is... The Thesis?
 10/20/1999What is... The Thesis?
 10/22/1999What is... The Thesis?
 10/27/1999What is... The Thesis?
 10/29/1999Post-quals Slump (PQS)
 11/1/1999Post-quals Slump (PQS)
 11/3/1999Sit up Straight
 11/5/1999Thesis writing
 11/17/1999everybody in grad school
 11/19/1999Go Cardinal!
 11/22/1999Graph - Radius of posture curvature
 11/24/1999Thesis writing
 1/5/2000Conference paper
 1/7/2000So long as we`re not kidding ourselves
 1/12/2000So long as we`re not kidding ourselves
 1/14/2000So long as we`re not kidding ourselves
 1/24/2000Raiders of the lost dissertation
 1/26/2000Raiders of the lost dissertation
 1/28/2000Raiders of the lost dissertation
 1/31/2000Raiders of the lost dissertation
 2/2/2000Raiders of the lost dissertation
 2/7/2000Geeks on wheels
 2/23/2000Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire
 2/25/2000Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire
 3/1/2000Who wants to Marry a Millionaire
 3/16/2000Finals Week - Messing with their minds
 3/31/2000Behold the Power of Procrastination
 4/3/2000Prospective grad students
 4/5/2000Posture Back Cracking
 4/7/2000Webcam Labcam
 4/10/2000Webcam Labcam
 4/12/2000Webcam Labcam Tajel Spray Paint
 4/14/2000ProFro Prospective Freshmen Tour
 4/17/2000Blue Hair
 4/21/2000Sneaking Past Advisor`s office
 4/24/2000Creativity in Engineering, Paper Submission Guidelines
 4/26/2000We`re not that pathetic..? ...Are we?
 4/28/2000Squished it with a ten-ton hammer I fixed it. Bugs. Code.
 5/1/2000Happy Birthday, Percentage of Years in Grad School
 5/3/2000Janis Joplin, Oh Prof won`t you grant me a PhD...
 5/8/2000Addicted to the web...
 5/12/2000Maxell Ad Spoof - HIFI: High-intensity Faculty Intelligence
 5/15/2000PhD Years-to-Thesis Chapter Conversion Chart
 5/17/2000Light at the end of the Thesis - Can you see it?
 5/19/2000Lab Age Perception Chart
 6/20/2000Summer Ad
 6/28/2000Closer to Fine (Academic Version)
 7/8/2000cartoons of the cartoonist by his advisor`s daughters
 7/13/2000I remember when Summer...
 7/23/2000Who will grade your work?

 9/25/2000Welcome to a fourth year of PhD..!
 9/27/2000Focus Group for Comic Quality Assurance
 9/29/2000Quality Assurance: Reader Survey
 10/5/2000Lab Fish Tank
 10/6/2000Fish Tank
 10/24/2000`The Grad Student of Academia`
 10/26/2000`The Grad Student of Academia`
 10/31/2000The Grad Student of Academia
 11/3/2000The Grad Student of Academia
 11/8/2000The Grad Student of Academia
 11/10/2000Reader Letter
 11/21/2000The Grad Student of Academia
 11/23/2000The Grad Student of Academia
 11/24/2000The Grad Student of Academia
 12/2/2000The Grad Student of Academia
 12/20/2000`Twas the night before Winter Break...
 1/11/2001Why has P.H.D. been published so infrequently lately?
 1/12/2001The Grad Student of Academia
 1/15/2001Grad Grub
 1/26/2001Grad Grub
 2/8/2001Grad Grub
 2/15/2001Grad Grub
 2/16/2001Bike Rack
 3/1/2001World`s first 3D comic strip..!
 3/8/2001Newton`s Three Laws of Graduation
 3/10/2001Newton`s Three Laws of Graduation
 3/13/2001Newton`s Three Laws of Graduation
 3/15/2001PHD Haiku
 3/24/2001Cecilia`s First animated feature!
 4/5/2001On comics
 4/10/2001Just call me `Dr. Smith`
 4/13/2001Who said anything about being ready?
 4/18/2001Exact figures would only embarrass the both of us...
 4/20/2001Reader Letter, 2
 4/25/2001Alarm Clock
 4/27/2001PhD Propaganda
 5/1/2001PhD Propaganda
 5/3/2001PhD Propaganda
 5/9/2001Calling Mom
 5/11/2001If the project needs me...
 5/15/2001Dancing Queen
 5/17/2001Prof. Michael Slackenerny
 6/1/2001Read the abstract...
 6/6/2001Lil` Sister
 6/8/2001Lil` Sister
 6/14/2001Lil` Sister
 6/18/2001Lil` Sister
 6/20/2001Lil` Sister
 7/25/2001Summer Ad

 9/10/2001PhD comics 2001 Season Premiere
 9/11/2001Sept. 11, 2001
 9/19/2001I am...
 9/21/2001Lil` Sister
 9/26/2001It depends...
 9/28/2001Ready to go home
 10/3/2001It depends...
 10/5/2001It depends...
 10/25/2001Fun with Statistics!
 10/26/2001Grad Hair
 11/9/2001Caught napping?
 11/14/2001high school reunion
 11/16/2001High School Reunion
 11/28/2001High School Reunion
 11/30/2001High School Reunion
 12/5/2001High School Reunion
 12/7/2001High School Reunion
 1/9/2002New Year Resolutions
 1/11/2002High School Reunion
 1/16/2002High School Reunion
 2/1/2002High School Reunion
 2/6/2002High School Reunion
 2/8/2002What will become of PhD?
 2/13/2002To PhD or not to PhD...
 2/15/2002To PhD or not to PhD
 2/20/2002To PhD or not to PhD...
 2/22/2002To be honest, Prof. Smith...
 3/1/2002Anxiety vs. Reading
 3/6/2002Lab Pool
 3/8/2002Signs you`re close to graduating
 3/13/2002Signs you`re close to Graduating
 3/22/2002I ask myself this question...
 3/25/2002I ask myself this question...
 4/3/2002Faculty Job Search
 4/5/2002Prospective grad student
 4/12/2002Field Study
 4/19/2002Let`s cut to the chase...
 4/24/2002Honey, I`m home...
 5/2/2002opportunity cost
 5/8/2002New Mail!
 6/6/2002Actually, Mom...
 7/31/2002on summer break...

 9/17/20026th season Premiere!
 9/21/2002You quit!?
 9/25/2002So, Bro...
 9/27/2002So, Bro...
 9/30/2002Post-Bachelors Disorder
 10/2/2002Post-Bachelors Disorder
 10/4/2002Post-Bachelors Disorder
 10/8/2002You HAVE started writing, have
 10/10/2002If you`re too busy writing...
 10/15/2002Working out
 10/21/2002...very exciting...
 10/24/2002Scientific progress never smelled better...
 10/30/2002Mike and `Procrastination`
 11/6/2002I just don`t know if I have what it takes...
 11/11/2002Act casual...
 11/19/2002GRE analytical practice question #1
 12/3/2002Don`t forget the milk
 1/10/2003How does he do it??
 1/15/2003you know things are bad...
 1/29/2003I am a writing god!
 3/31/2003I am a writing god
 2/5/2003Her first white hair
 2/8/2003Her first white hair
 2/12/2003it`s so hard to get up in the morning...
 3/10/2003Grad School Boot Camp
 3/21/2003Why war?
 3/28/2003Thesis gut
 4/2/2003Thesis gut
 4/4/2003Did you say `lunch`?
 4/16/2003White hair
 4/23/2003c is for cookie break
 4/25/2003Ode to the cookie
 5/2/2003Does it bother you..?
 5/7/2003How is he going to know I'm not there??
 5/16/2003I've been doing some math...
 5/30/2003Cecilia's mom
 5/31/2003Cecilia's mom
 6/3/2003This is it!

 8/25/20037th Season Premiere
 8/28/2003Life Plan vs. Life Reality
 9/2/2003Thank goodness for life's little ironies...
 9/4/2003Let me write that down...
 9/5/2003Let me write that down...
 9/8/2003Let me write that down...
 9/10/2003Let me write that down...
 9/12/2003Let me write that down...
 9/15/2003Let me write that down...
 9/17/2003Choosing grad schools
 9/19/2003Choosing grad schools
 9/23/2003Choosing grad schools
 9/25/2003Choosing grad schools
 9/29/2003Grad School Makes you Dumber
 10/1/2003Grad School Makes you Dumber
 10/3/2003Grad School Makes you Dumber
 10/7/2003This is an automated reply.
 10/12/2003Not the same thing as a diploma
 10/14/2003Not the same thing as a diploma
 10/16/2003We sanitize misery
 10/20/2003Online cookie discussion group
 10/24/2003Then why do you do it?
 10/27/2003Then why do you do it?
 10/30/2003Stages of Data Loss
 11/3/2003It's bold
 11/6/2003Good ol' java
 11/13/2003Good ol' java
 11/17/2003Was that your mom?
 11/19/2003Was that your mom?
 11/21/2003Was that your mom?
 11/25/2003Emotional Catharsis
 11/26/2003Thanksgiving 2003
 12/1/2003Sorry, I'm all booked.
 12/3/2003Coming back to grad school
 12/5/2003Coming back to grad school
 12/8/2003Coming back to grad school
 12/10/2003And what do YOU want for Xmas?
 12/14/2003You better watch out...
 12/31/2003New Year Resolutions
 1/2/2004New Year Resolutions
 1/5/2004New Year Resolutions
 1/7/2004Definition of a geek
 1/9/2004Definition of a Geek
 1/12/2004Mobilize the troops
 1/14/2004Mobilize the troops
 1/16/2004Mobilize the troops
 1/18/2004Deciphering Academese
 1/21/2004This better be good
 1/23/2004This better be good
 1/26/2004PhD Widows
 1/28/2004PhD Widows
 1/30/2004PhD Widows
 2/2/2004PhD Widows
 2/4/2004PhD Widows
 2/6/2004Things to do...
 2/9/2004Yeah right.
 2/11/2004Yeah right.
 2/13/2004Happy Valentine's
 2/20/2004It's not real life
 2/23/2004How to look busy
 2/25/2004How to look busy
 2/27/2004You want some of this?
 3/1/2004By "we" you mean...
 3/3/2004My mom says "hi"
 3/5/2004Curse you, television
 3/8/2004Research Statement
 3/10/2004Real grad students are made on the field
 3/12/2004Real grad students are made on the field
 3/15/2004Real grad students are made on the field
 3/17/2004Real grad students are made on the field
 3/19/2004His thesis
 3/23/2004keyboard imprint
 4/2/2004Grad Student Pick up lines
 4/5/2004Our work is like this donut
 4/7/2004Our work is like this donut
 4/9/2004I, Grad Student
 4/12/2004I, Grad Student
 4/14/2004I, Grad Student
 4/16/2004I, Grad Student
 4/19/2004I, Grad Student
 4/21/2004I, Grad Student
 4/23/2004I, Grad Student
 4/26/2004Are you busy?
 4/28/2004The Nap Bringer
 4/30/2004Birthday 2004
 5/3/2004What's the rush?
 5/7/2004Every day is a potential weekend
 5/10/2004Every day is a potential weekend
 5/12/2004Every day is a potential weekend
 5/14/2004Who holds real power in the department?
 5/17/2004Sorted, collated and stapled
 5/28/2004A day in the "Life"
 5/31/2004Data: by the numbers
 6/2/2004Just a few more minutes...
 6/7/2004Office chair balance
 6/9/2004Office chair balance
 6/11/2004Office chair balance
 6/16/2004Office chair balance
 6/18/2004Admitting you have a problem
 6/21/2004Grades don't matter
 6/23/2004Grades don't matter
 6/25/2004Another beautiful day...
 6/30/2004Another beautiful day...
 7/2/2004Hurry up, Daddy!
 7/5/2004Hurry up, Daddy!
 7/7/2004Hurry up, Daddy!
 7/14/2004Hurry up, Daddy!
 8/9/2004Summer days...
 8/18/2004Grad Olympics

 9/3/2004What do you want?
 9/6/2004Just thought I'd ask...
 9/8/2004The Thesis Zone
 9/10/2004The Thesis Zone
 9/15/2004The Thesis Zone
 9/17/2004The Thesis Zone
 9/22/2004The Thesis Zone
 9/24/2004Group meeting survival skills
 10/4/2004Undergrad research
 10/6/2004Undergrad research
 10/8/2004Undergrad research
 10/11/2004Undergrad research
 10/13/2004Undergrad research
 10/15/2004Undergrad research
 10/18/2004My neck is killing me
 10/20/2004Grad School the Board Game
 11/5/2004I just got here.
 11/8/2004Surprise visit
 11/11/2004Surprise visit
 11/15/2004Surprise visit, part 3
 11/17/2004Surprise visit, part 4
 11/24/2004Thanksgiving 2004
 11/29/2004A message from Prof. Smith
 12/1/2004Australia Time
 12/6/2004All around the world
 12/15/2004When's it due?
 12/17/2004Christmas Wish
 12/22/2004Holiday miracle
 1/3/20052005 New Year's delusions
 1/10/2005Paper Review Worksheet
 1/13/2005Long day
 1/17/2005Optical Delusion
 1/24/2005Long day
 1/26/2005Aldus Slackenerny
 1/28/2005Life is tough
 1/31/2005Thought balloons
 2/8/2005Gossip 3
 2/10/2005Happy Mishaps
 2/15/2005Valentine's 2005
 2/17/2005Move on
 2/19/2005Move on
 2/24/2005Words per minute
 2/26/2005Slippery slope
 3/3/2005Thesis Defense
 3/5/2005Thesis defense
 3/8/2005Thesis Defense
 3/10/2005Thesis Defense
 3/13/2005Author List
 3/16/2005Thesis Defense
 3/17/2005Thesis Defense
 3/18/2005Thesis Defense
 3/23/2005Thesis Defense
 3/24/2005Thesis Defense
 3/26/2005Thesis Defense
 3/29/2005Thesis Defense
 3/31/2005Thesis Defense
 4/2/2005Thesis Defense
 4/5/2005Thesis Defense
 4/7/2005Thesis Defense
 4/9/2005Thesis Defense... the cliffhanger!
 4/12/2005Desk Entropy
 4/15/2005Another day
 4/22/2005Grad TV
 4/26/2005Grad TV
 4/29/2005Grad TV
 5/3/2005Addressing Reviewer Comments
 5/5/2005Food pyramid
 5/10/2005Birthday 2005
 5/12/2005Birthday 2005
 5/17/2005Birthday 2005
 5/24/2005Out of focus
 5/28/2005Meeting of the minds
 5/31/2005Well done.
 6/2/2005Disturbance in the force
 6/6/2005Dress to repress
 6/8/2005Revenge of the Smith
 6/10/2005Collegiality Decision Chart
 7/6/2005Awkward Places
 7/14/2005Noon summer sun
 7/17/2005Honorary PhD
 7/19/2005PhD Zen
 7/22/2005Love them, don't try to understand them
 8/2/2005Meeting with advisor
 8/4/2005Meeting with advisor
 8/7/2005Meeting with advisor
 8/9/2005Meeting with advisor
 8/11/2005Meeting with advisor
 8/14/2005Advisor on vacation
 8/17/2005Lyin' Labmates
 8/19/2005Lyin' Labmates
 8/22/2005Lyin' Labmates
 8/24/2005Lyin' Labmates
 8/27/2005Lyin' Labmates
 8/30/2005Vortex of unproductivity
 9/1/2005Vortex of unproductivity
 9/4/2005Vortex of unproductivity
 9/7/2005Vortex of unproductivity
 9/9/2005Infinite loop
 9/13/2005Bad news
 9/15/2005Summer's over

 9/18/2005What are roommates for?
 10/1/2005field journal: CU Boulder
 10/4/2005field journal: SACNAS
 10/22/2005Fire door sign
 10/24/2005Journal - University of Utah
 10/25/2005Journal - Rice University
 10/28/2005Journal - Georgia Tech
 10/31/2005Journal - NC State
 11/2/2005Journal - Virginia Tech
 11/5/2005Journal - Virginia Commonwealth Univ.
 11/9/2005Journal - UVA
 11/11/2005Journal - Johns Hopkins U.
 11/15/2005Journal - U. Maryland, U. Penn, Drexel U.
 11/17/2005Journal - Grad Unions
 11/23/2005Thanksgiving 2005
 11/26/2005Tofu Turkey
 12/1/2005Campus Map
 12/3/2005Journal - Tour Wrap Up
 12/6/2005A Smithmas Carol
 12/8/2005A Smithmas Carol
 12/10/2005A Smithmas Carol
 12/13/2005A Smithmas Carol
 12/15/2005A Smithmas Carol
 12/17/2005A Smithmas Carol
 12/20/2005A Smithmas Carol
 12/22/2005A Smithmas Carol
 12/24/2005A Smithmas Carol
 12/27/2005A Smithmas Carol
 12/29/2005A Smithmas Carol
 12/31/2005A Smithmas Carol
 1/3/2005A Smithmas Carol
 1/5/2005A Smithmas Carol
 1/11/2006Grad Horoscope
 1/18/2006Pink shorts
 1/20/2006How to look busy, part 3
 1/23/2006Paternity leave
 1/26/2006What's new?
 1/31/2006Faculty position
 2/5/2006Faculty position
 2/8/2006Faculty position
 2/10/2006Grown-up conversations
 2/14/2006Valentine's day 2006
 2/24/2006Department Recruitment Statistics
 2/26/2006Grad SPAM
 3/1/2006How important can it be?
 3/7/2006Red ink
 3/9/2006Friday Night
 3/14/2006Friday night
 3/17/2006Friday night
 3/21/2006Field journal: West Coast schools
 3/28/2006Group Meeting
 3/31/2006Friday night
 4/3/2006Grad school
 4/5/2006Field journal: Oh Canada!
 4/8/2006Field journal: Kansas and Indiana
 4/12/2006Food Chain
 4/21/2006Food Chain
 4/25/2006Food Chain
 5/2/2006Friday night
 5/4/2006Friday night
 5/8/2006Friday night
 5/10/2006Friday night
 5/16/2006The Grand Tour
 5/18/2006Long Distance
 5/22/2006Writing your Thesis Outline
 5/25/2006Long Distance
 5/29/2006Long Distance
 5/31/2006Your Thesis Title
 6/4/2006Anatomy of a group meeting presentation
 6/7/2006Grad School Survival Tip #98
 6/9/2006Phone message
 6/12/2006Freaking out
 6/16/2006Long Distance
 6/20/2006Long Distance
 6/22/2006Long Distance
 6/25/2006Field journal: Schools in Illinois
 6/28/2006He'll think I'm an idiot.
 6/30/2006field journal: New Hampshire and NJIT
 7/4/2006Field journal: Beantown
 7/6/2006Second to last draft
 7/8/2006Whiz kid magic
 7/10/2006Two seconds
 7/12/2006Send in the Post-doc
 7/15/2006Vacation E-mail
 7/18/2006Group meeting?
 7/20/2006Away from my desk
 7/24/2006Lab Hazard Rating System
 7/26/2006Why are you still here?
 7/29/2006Why are you still here?
 8/2/2006Conference Call
 8/4/2006Wait wait!
 8/7/2006Wrong direction
 8/9/2006Liberal Hippies
 8/11/2006The budget what?
 8/14/2006See you never
 8/16/2006Author Biographies
 8/18/2006Beyond the scope of my research
 8/21/2006Butterfly Effect
 8/23/2006Immersed in thought
 8/26/2006Yet another Field Journal entry
 9/1/2006Its a deal.
 9/4/2006Summer is over already!?
 9/7/2006Its for their own good
 9/12/2006Ode to Autumn
 9/14/2006Undergrad Cooties

 9/16/2006The Actual Method
 9/19/2006The "Carrying Papers" phase
 9/21/2006We need to talk.
 9/23/2006Arcane Lab Equipment
 9/25/2006Arcane lab equipment
 9/29/2006Arcane lab equipment, part 3
 10/2/2006Arcane lab equipment, part 4
 10/4/2006Arcane lab equipment, part 5
 10/9/2006Special calibration routine
 10/11/2006Air of Unhelpfulness
 10/13/2006Immunity Idol
 10/16/2006School Newspaper
 10/18/2006Eating alone
 10/20/2006Plenty of friends
 10/23/2006Dr. Frankensmith
 10/25/2006Dr. Frankensmith, pt. 2
 10/27/2006Dr. Frankensmith, pt. 3
 10/30/2006Dr. Frankensmith, pt. 4
 11/1/2006Daylight Savings Time
 11/3/2006Regular Working Hours
 11/6/2006Extra-curricular Activities
 11/8/2006Outside interests
 11/10/2006Futile Attempts
 11/13/2006Eating out
 11/15/2006Nobody made coffee?
 11/17/2006Revenge of the Lab Patsy
 11/22/2006Thanksgiving 2006
 11/25/2006Tales from the Road - Yee Haw!
 11/27/2006Scooped, pt. 2
 11/29/2006Department Picture Board
 12/1/2006Scooped, pt. 3
 12/4/2006Scooped, pt. 4
 12/6/2006Scooped, pt. 5
 12/8/2006Scooped, pt. 6
 12/11/2006Scooped, pt. 7
 12/13/2006Holiday Gift Ideas
 12/15/2006Dept. Holiday Party
 12/18/2006Dept. Holiday Party, pt. 2
 12/20/2006Taking the laptop with me
 12/22/2006Happy Winter Break 2006
 12/29/2006Finished Thesis
 1/1/2007New Year 2007
 1/3/2007Take it out
 1/5/2007Momofuku Ando (1920-2007)
 1/10/2007Illegible, pt. 2
 1/12/2007Draft approved!
 1/15/2007Misery Camera
 1/17/2007Severe Weather Conditions
 1/19/2007Bright and early
 1/22/2007In case of fire, save my thesis
 1/24/2007Last cookie
 1/26/2007Tail end of academic interest
 1/29/2007Sabbatical Dreams
 1/31/2007Hows it going?
 2/2/2007Waiting for Dr. Smith
 2/5/2007Drinking from a fire hose
 2/7/2007Negation Field
 2/12/2007Valentine 2007
 2/14/2007Field Journal: Cars, robots and sex
 2/23/2007Time to end this
 2/26/2007Time-lapse Montage
 2/28/2007Life work
 3/2/2007The Joys of LDRs
 3/7/2007Gotta be perfect
 3/12/2007Where do I sign?
 3/16/2007Untimely accident
 3/19/2007Thesis submission, pt. 1
 3/21/2007Sell out
 3/23/2007Thesis submission, pt. 2
 3/26/2007Follow your dream
 3/28/2007Thesis submission, pt. 3
 3/30/2007Is this it?
 4/2/2007Now what?
 4/4/2007Field Journal: Even more schools
 4/6/2007Field Jounal: Coming Home
 4/9/2007Seminar Bingo
 4/13/2007Procrastination and Taxes
 4/18/2007Is Prof. Smith there?
 4/20/2007Barking up the wrong tree
 4/23/2007How well do you know your Advisor?
 4/25/2007Pop Clueless
 4/27/2007Terrific job
 4/30/2007The Lab/Office Couch
 5/2/2007E-mail accounts
 5/4/2007Usual route
 5/7/2007Fortune Cookies
 5/9/2007The Lab/Office Fridge
 5/14/2007Business Cards
 5/16/2007No rest for the weary
 5/18/2007Is this even English?
 5/21/2007May or may not apply to reality
 5/25/2007Still Lost
 5/28/2007Day off
 5/30/2007Your Shrinking Sense of Humor
 6/4/2007Numb, confused.
 6/8/2007To you I dedicate this thesis
 6/11/2007Fake Window
 6/13/2007Broken Heart
 6/20/2007Doctor of Photocopying
 6/25/2007The Internet
 6/27/2007Is it worth it?
 7/4/2007Independence? Day
 7/6/2007Tales from the Road
 7/11/2007What is the point?
 7/13/2007Mind over matter
 7/16/2007Summer Days
 7/18/2007Summer Days
 7/20/2007Summer Days
 7/23/2007Did you mention my name?
 7/25/2007Did you mention my name?
 7/27/2007Some helpful advice
 7/30/2007Urgent is a relative term
 8/1/2007The 3 Times Rule
 8/3/2007Turf Wars, pt. 1
 8/6/2007Turf Wars, pt. 2
 8/9/2007Turf Wars, pt. 3
 8/11/2007Turf Wars, pt. 4
 8/13/2007Turf Wars, pt. 5
 8/15/2007Turf Wars, pt. 6
 8/17/2007Turf Wars, pt. 7
 8/20/2007Turf Wars Conclusion!
 8/22/2007Turf Wars Epilogue
 8/24/2007Base 13
 8/27/2007Analysis of Value
 8/29/2007Laser in use
 9/3/2007Humanities vs. Social Sciences
 9/5/2007Somewhere between never and all the time would be ideal
 9/7/2007Career Services
 9/10/2007A great time for PhDs in the job market
 9/12/2007PhD in obsolescence
 9/14/2007Goodbye Summer
 9/17/2007Fo Shizzle
 9/19/2007Your struggle is my struggle
 9/21/2007Doing the impossible
 9/24/2007The Lab/Office Snack Co-op
 9/26/2007Other forms of jetlag
 9/28/2007Toggle the blue switch
 10/1/2007Paper Reviewer
 10/3/2007More of the same

 10/12/2007Fall Break
 10/15/2007Keeping your paper within the page limit
 10/17/2007Fresh homemade cookies
 10/19/2007Kind of a dork
 10/22/2007The less you try
 10/24/2007Quantum Gradnamics, pt. 1 of 3
 10/26/2007Quantum Gradnamics, pt. 2 of 3
 10/29/2007Quantum Gradnamics, pt. 3 of 3
 10/31/2007Low attendance
 11/5/2007Did you take a look at those slides?
 11/7/2007Transferable Skills
 11/9/2007Myers-Brigg Test
 11/12/2007Impact Factor
 11/14/2007Clueless Undergrad
 11/16/2007Tales from the Road - Canary Islands
 11/19/2007Tales from the Road - Princeton
 11/21/2007Seminar Appeal
 11/23/2007Health and Safety
 11/26/2007Playing your cards right
 11/28/2007Who do you know?
 11/30/2007Master of the Universe
 12/3/2007Home for the holidays?
 12/5/2007Double the monitor, double the fun
 12/7/2007The Rules of Happy Hour
 12/10/2007Schmoozing with your Professor
 12/12/2007Schmoozing with your Prof: the rules
 12/14/2007Meeting Mrs. Smith
 12/17/2007Meeting Mrs. Smith, pt. 2
 12/19/2007Mrs. Smith, pt. 3
 12/21/2007The 12 Days of Christmas Break
 12/24/2007On the 12 Days of Christmas Break my Professor gave to me...
 12/26/2007On the 12 Days of Christmas Break my Professor gave to me...
 12/28/2007On the 12 Days of Christmas Break my Professor gave to me...
 1/2/2008Another year in grad school
 1/4/2008Productive procrastination?
 1/7/2008Research Diagram/Research Reality
 1/9/2008Journal Club
 1/11/2008Journal Club, pt. 2
 1/14/2008Journal Club, pt. 3
 1/16/2008Online PhD!
 1/18/2008Post Avant-garde Limmericks
 1/21/2008Your Research Interests
 1/23/2008Tales from the Road - Tulane pt. 1
 1/25/2008Tales from the Road - Tulane pt. 2
 1/28/2008A list, plan or outline of things to be done
 1/30/2008Why? Why??
 2/1/2008Anyone's game
 2/4/2008A quiet evening at home
 2/6/2008We're all doomed
 2/8/2008Crushing the Dream
 2/11/2008Downright Pathetic
 2/13/2008*%@# Construction
 2/15/2008Is that supposed to make me feel better?
 2/18/2008You know you've been grading too long when...
 2/20/2008Lather, rinse, repeat
 2/22/2008A tranquilizer with graphs in it
 2/25/2008Sad logic indeed
 2/29/2008All day
 3/3/2008It's 3am
 3/5/2008The grandeur of his vision
 3/7/2008Tales from the road - Wisconsin
 3/10/2008What do you want to be?
 3/12/2008Do I own one?
 3/14/2008We'll take it.
 3/17/2008Your life
 3/21/2008Ph.D. Training
 3/24/2008Job offer
 3/26/2008Ten times
 3/28/2008Public schools
 3/31/2008Good news
 4/4/2008Campus architecture
 4/7/2008And it only took 1000 strips
 4/9/2008Needs work
 4/11/2008Celebratory Dance
 4/14/2008I knew it
 4/16/2008Anything is better than nothing
 4/18/2008Don't mention it
 4/21/2008Your Profile Picture
 4/28/2008Best. Birthday. Ever.
 4/30/2008Checking e-mail
 5/2/2008Chocolate buzz
 5/5/2008Your Life Ambition
 5/7/2008Going Green
 5/9/2008Now you tell me??
 5/12/2008Vicious Cycle
 5/14/2008The joys of having an uncommon name
 5/16/2008Where do you sit?
 5/19/2008Budget surplus
 5/21/2008The Lab Hierarchy
 5/23/2008Proximity card
 5/26/2008Why bother?
 5/28/2008Exclusive focus
 5/30/2008Fume Hood
 6/2/2008Tales from the Road - Don't lick the spoon
 6/4/2008When to meet with your advisor
 6/6/2008Send me
 6/9/2008Visa, pt. 1
 6/11/2008Visa, pt. 2
 6/13/2008Visa, pt. 3
 6/16/2008What do you do?
 6/18/2008Visa, pt. 4
 6/23/2008The F-1 Process Explained
 6/25/2008How to ruin a grad student's evening
 6/27/2008Axis of Misunderestimation
 6/30/2008In America, nothing's too difficult
 7/2/2008A friend in need
 7/4/2008Typical Spectrum of Grad Student Conversations
 7/7/2008More elusive than Ninjas?
 7/9/2008Ninjas vs. Professors
 7/11/2008All units converge
 7/14/2008The Tenure Cloud/t
 7/16/2008Randomly directed
 7/18/2008I wonder what's going on today
 7/21/2008Only when you don't need them
 7/25/2008Average time spent writing one e-mail
 7/28/2008Pop Culture!
 7/30/2008Potty humor
 8/1/2008Unused Icons
 8/4/2008The mid-tenure crisis
 8/6/2008An impending sense of doom
 8/8/2008Real Work
 8/11/2008Is that what this was?
 8/13/2008It's digital
 8/15/2008What you know vs How much you know about it
 8/18/2008Professor-Proofing Your Work Area
 8/22/2008Who am I kidding?
 8/25/2008How Professors spend their time
 8/29/2008What you brought to seminar
 9/1/2008Labor Day
 9/3/2008Significant results
 9/8/2008Tales from the Road - CERN, pt. 1
 9/9/2008Tales from the Road - CERN, pt. 2
 9/10/2008Tales from the Road - CERN, pt. 3
 9/11/2008Tales from the Road - CERN, pt. 4
 9/12/2008Tales from the Road - CERN, pt. 5
 9/15/2008I should be done in...
 9/17/2008The evolution of Yes

 9/19/2008Incoming freshmen
 9/22/2008What your vote helps determine
 9/24/2008Pet project
 9/26/2008Unrelated to Research
 9/29/2008The Economic Meltdown
 10/1/2008Enrollment vs. Unemployment Rate
 10/6/2008Mental Preparation
 10/13/2008What's it going to be?
 10/15/2008Really cool
 10/17/2008Reasons for TA'ing
 10/20/2008Academic Salaries
 10/22/2008Election obsessed
 10/24/2008In it together
 10/27/2008Yes and no.
 10/29/2008Overheard at the Halloween Party
 10/31/2008The lab/office Whiteboard
 11/5/2008How long your Prof. thinks it should take to do something
 11/7/20082nd Desserts
 11/9/2008Post-election High
 11/10/2008I need your help
 11/12/2008Roughly speaking
 11/14/2008They do care
 11/17/2008To Profess
 11/19/2008Clever Acronyms
 11/21/2008The Post-doctoral Sense, pt 1
 11/24/2008The Post-doctoral Sense, pt. 2
 11/26/2008The Post-doctoral Sense, pt. 3
 11/28/2008Tech support
 12/1/2008The Post-doctoral Sense, pt. 4
 12/3/2008The Post-doctoral Sense, pt. 5
 12/5/2008The Post-doctoral Sense, pt. 6
 12/8/2008Your Impact Factor
 12/10/2008Detailed response
 12/12/2008A not-entirely-fictional letter from a University President
 12/15/2008Other measures of academic productivity: The Teaching Index
 12/17/2008Now that I actually read it
 12/19/2008Other measures of academic productivity: Invited Talks
 12/22/2008A Christmas Song (PhD Version)
 12/31/2008New Year 2009
 1/2/2009In a funk
 1/5/2009Holidays grace period
 1/9/2009Categorical Opposition
 1/12/2009Not just a de Certeau Tactic
 1/14/2009Abstract Mad Libs
 1/16/2009Tough economic times
 1/19/2009What did you want to tell me?
 1/23/2009Something personal
 1/26/2009Brain on a stick
 1/28/2009A very serious matter
 1/30/2009Wedding planning
 2/2/2009Not a good sign
 2/4/2009Tajel getting married, pt. 1
 2/6/2009Tajel getting married, pt. 2
 2/9/2009Tajel getting married, pt. 3
 2/11/2009Tajel getting married, pt. 4
 2/13/2009Tajel getting married, pt. 5
 2/16/2009Tajel got married
 2/18/2009Seen on campus
 2/20/2009Not happy
 2/23/2009How to turn your CV into a Resume
 2/25/2009The Origin
 2/27/2009Nights and weekends
 3/2/2009Guess what?
 3/4/2009Sole provider
 3/6/2009Clarity and depth
 3/9/2009Beware the Profzi Scheme
 3/11/2009Trick question
 3/13/2009Tales from the Road - Sustainability
 3/16/2009Deciding what to wear
 3/18/2009Laid off!
 3/20/2009Sugar Daddy
 3/23/2009Ifs, buts or maybes
 3/25/2009First name basis
 3/27/2009First name basis, pt.2
 3/30/2009What to call your Professor
 4/1/2009First-name basis, pt. 3
 4/3/2009Best Buddies
 4/6/2009If TV Science was more like REAL Science
 4/10/2009Single keystroke
 4/13/2009Cut and paste
 4/15/2009Not a good sign either
 4/17/2009Deciding what to wear, pt. 2
 4/20/2009Tales from the Road - MD Anderson Cancer Center
 4/22/2009Admin Assistants Week
 4/24/2009Paste together
 4/27/2009Wah wah wah
 4/29/2009Happy Birthday
 5/1/2009The Underlying question
 5/4/2009Your Computer Desktop
 5/6/2009Did you get it?
 5/8/2009Budget cuts
 5/11/2009Humanities hearing
 5/13/2009Boorish Barbarians!
 5/15/2009Price tag on the human soul
 5/18/2009Science News Cycle
 5/20/2009Research topics guaranteed to be picked up by the news media
 5/22/2009Meta Comics
 5/27/2009OMG! ROTFL!!
 5/29/2009Fantasy Island
 6/3/2009Finals Week
 6/5/2009Bad reflection
 6/8/2009You may find it hard to believe
 6/12/2009Grooming vs. Time in Grad School
 6/15/2009Film Crew, pt. 1
 6/17/2009Film Crew, pt. 2
 6/19/2009Film Crew, pt. 3
 6/22/2009Film Crew, pt. 4
 6/24/2009Film Crew, pt. 5
 6/26/2009Film Crew, pt. 6
 6/29/2009Film Crew, Epilogue
 7/1/2009I'm sure of it
 7/3/2009Proving a negative
 7/6/2009Is your research Impossible?
 7/8/2009Conversation Impossible
 7/10/2009The wrath
 7/13/2009Great Tweets of Science
 7/15/2009Nature vs. Science, pt. 1
 7/17/2009Nature vs. Science, pt. 2
 7/20/2009Nature vs. Science, pt. 3
 7/22/2009Coming back from vacation
 7/24/2009Definition of Vacation
 7/27/2009Official Guidelines
 7/31/2009Vacation Justification
 8/5/2009Nature vs. Science, pt. 4
 8/7/2009What your Prof. read
 8/10/2009Where would I go?
 8/12/2009Best time
 8/14/2009Post hoc vs. Post-doc
 8/17/2009Sleeping in
 8/19/2009The Rat Race
 8/21/2009Unemployment vs. Graduate Stipends
 8/24/2009Good time for Self-reflection
 8/26/2009Off to work
 8/28/2009Perils of Summer
 8/31/2009Peak Productivity
 9/2/2009Quid Prof Quo
 9/4/2009In case of emergency
 9/9/2009The Law of Free Food
 9/11/2009Left of leftovers

 9/14/2009Annual Grad/Faculty Softball Game, pt. 1
 9/16/2009High stakes Softball
 9/18/2009Softball: younger and faster
 9/21/2009Annual Grad/Faculty Softball Game, pt. 4
 9/23/2009Softball! Pt. 5
 9/25/2009Softball! Pt. 6!
 9/28/2009Vacation v. Stress
 9/30/2009If you write it, he will sign it
 10/2/2009Softball, pt. 8!
 10/5/2009Man oh man!
 10/9/2009Softball, the thrilling conclusion
 10/12/2009Core Principles
 10/14/2009Phone call
 10/16/2009Parental Expectations vs. Time
 10/21/2009Feeling defensive
 10/23/2009And after that?
 10/26/2009Detained! Part 1
 10/28/2009Detained! Part 2
 10/31/2009Detained! Part 3
 11/2/2009Mike's motto
 11/4/2009Command structure
 11/6/2009Mundane details
 11/9/2009Brain saver
 11/13/2009I am going home
 11/20/2009Something important
 11/25/2009Federal Mandate
 11/27/2009Professor-Approved Holidays
 12/2/2009Ready, set...
 12/7/2009Grad Carols
 12/9/2009Checking out
 12/11/2009Christmas papers
 12/16/2009Year-end accounting
 12/18/2009Should haves
 12/21/2009Chipping in
 1/11/2010Piled Higher and Diapers
 1/15/2010Parent hooding
 1/20/201063% of internet readers will like this comic
 1/25/2010Cafeteria Potential Well
 1/27/2010Procrastigal son
 1/29/2010Cecilia's Adventures in Thesisland, Pt. 1
 2/1/2010Cecilia in Thesisland, Pt. 2: Down the raw bit code
 2/3/2010Cecilia in Thesisland, Pt. 3: To be sure, this is generally what happens when you think
 2/5/2010Cecilia in Thesisland, Pt. 4: Follow the Wait Habit
 2/8/2010Cecilia in Thesisland, Pt. 5: The Cheshire Professor
 2/10/2010Valentine's gift ideas
 2/12/2010Cecilia in Thesisland, Pt. 6: Not quite right
 2/15/2010Cecilia in Thesisland, Pt. 7: The Caterpillar's Advice
 2/17/2010Cecilia in Thesisland, Pt. 8: The Mad Slacker
 2/19/2010The Red Thesis Committee Member
 2/22/2010Cecilia in Thesisland, Pt. 10: Who stole the charts?
 2/24/2010Cecilia in Thesisland, Pt. 11: The Pilcrow and the Mock Ending
 3/1/2010How Grad School is just like Kindergarten
 3/3/2010Common Sleep Disorders
 3/8/2010The 2397th Annual Academic Awards
 3/10/2010Campus Day of Action
 3/12/2010The Rising Cost of Public Higher Education
 3/15/2010Contes de la route: Equal Opportunity
 3/17/2010Contes de la route: Equal Opportunity Pt. 2
 3/19/2010The Box
 3/24/2010Marriage v. The Ph.D.
 3/29/2010The Night Shift
 3/31/2010Ode-ious to Spring
 4/2/2010HEPA Help
 4/5/2010A Topical Atopy
 4/7/2010Allergy Season
 4/9/2010Sterile Environment
 4/12/2010Dork Barrel Spending
 4/14/2010Two cents on the dollar
 4/16/2010Seasoned with salt
 4/19/2010Dangerous question
 4/21/2010Granted for taken
 4/26/2010Father-Daughter Time
 4/28/2010Lost no more..?
 4/30/2010Tenured vs. Untenured
 5/5/2010Tales from the Road - New Mexico Tech and the VLA
 5/7/2010Tales from the Road: New Mexico Tech and the VLA, Part 2
 5/12/2010Ode to the L.A.S.E.R.
 5/14/2010Tales from the Laser Beam
 5/17/2010What happened to Tuesday?
 5/19/2010Grading Rubric
 5/21/2010If only
 5/24/2010Grading Methods
 5/26/2010Late submissions
 5/28/2010A story in file names
 5/31/2010Keep it up.
 6/2/2010Special Moves
 6/4/2010Recovery Plan
 6/7/2010On Freedom
 6/9/2010Nothing to fear
 6/11/2010World Cup vs. PhD
 6/18/2010If you can't wake them
 6/23/2010To 'Do'
 6/25/2010Call for Papers!
 6/30/2010Status Uptake
 7/5/2010Meat structure
 7/7/2010Weapon of Mass Cuteness
 7/9/2010Take away
 7/12/2010Drawing the line
 7/14/2010Better for whom
 7/19/2010Dr. No
 7/21/2010Tales from the Road - Comic-Con!!
 7/23/2010Tales from the Road - Comic-Con Pt. 2
 7/26/2010Tales from the Road - Comic-Con Pt. 3
 7/30/2010Too due list
 8/4/2010Write in Pieces
 8/6/2010Localized Repulsor
 8/9/2010The Repulsor Field Explained
 8/11/2010The 2am Dilemma
 8/13/2010Your Math Skills
 8/18/2010Favored to lose
 8/20/2010Instantaneous Property
 8/25/2010Lab coat rationale
 8/30/2010Lab Coat Rack

 9/1/2010You autumn leave
 9/8/2010Fall outbreak
 9/10/2010Beard migration
 9/13/2010Never Left
 9/15/201020 minutes
 9/17/2010Abbreviated version
 9/20/2010Take five
 9/24/2010As if
 9/27/2010Tales from the Road - The NMSU Chile Pepper Institute
 10/1/2010Brain-body problem
 10/4/2010Tales from the Road - New Mexico State U., Part 2
 10/6/2010The Grad Student Brain
 10/8/2010The Sub-Unconscious
 10/11/2010Survey says...
 10/13/2010Good results
 10/18/2010Double the fun
 10/20/2010Use of mathematical functions
 10/22/2010Inclement whether
 10/25/2010Draft dodging
 10/29/2010Trick or T.A.
 11/1/2010Apt conclusion
 11/3/2010If Movie Science was more like Real Science
 11/5/2010Every conversation
 11/10/2010The Circus
 11/12/2010Unverifiably Interesting
 11/15/2010Who's gonna ask?
 11/17/2010Nothing personal
 11/19/2010Relevant Distinction
 11/22/2010Personality matters
 11/24/2010Smith Circus
 11/29/2010Gender Ratios
 12/1/2010School Spirit
 12/3/2010So wrong
 12/6/2010Fifty Fifty Chance
 12/8/2010How the Grad T.A. Stole Christmas, prelude
 12/10/2010How the Grad T.A. Stole Christmas, Part 1
 12/13/2010How the Grad T.A. Stole Christmas, Part 2
 12/15/2010How the Grad T.A. Stole Christmas, Part 3
 12/17/2010How the Grad T.A. Stole Christmas, Part 4
 12/20/2010How the Grad T.A. Stole Christmas, the Conclusion
 1/10/2011Net Effect of Vacation
 1/12/2011School Break
 1/19/2011The Semiotics of Professor E-mail Signatures
 1/21/2011Relationship status
 1/26/2011Grad School Energy Levels
 2/2/2011Professorial Trading Card
 2/4/2011Neither snow nor rain...
 2/9/2011Your Academic Genealogy
 2/11/2011How do I love you?
 2/16/2011Guide to T.A. Office Hours
 3/2/2011Accounts Payable
 3/16/2011Cheapest way
 4/6/2011Happening outside
 4/13/2011Three to five weeks
 4/20/2011Golden Sap Ratio
 4/27/2011Tales from the Road: Dark Matters
 5/6/2011The Grant Cycle
 5/16/2011When to tell your advisor you're going on vacation
 6/8/2011The PHD Movie!
 7/1/2011What year are you?
 7/8/2011Our Thesis
 7/20/2011Intellectual Freedom
 7/29/2011Academic Autocorrect
 9/12/2011Professorial Density Function

 9/21/2011Choice of words
 9/23/2011Taking it personally
 9/28/2011E-mail Panic
 10/3/2011P is for Produce
 10/7/2011Trouble vs. Length
 10/17/2011Dress Codes
 10/21/2011Occupy Academia
 10/26/2011Halloween 2011
 10/31/2011Division of Labor
 11/7/2011I've looked at it
 11/27/2011Science Programming
 12/2/2011Variable Control
 12/5/2011Bike Rack, pt. 1
 12/12/2011Linked Out
 12/14/2011More's Law
 12/19/2011The Claus Hypothesis
 12/26/2011Dec. 26th
 1/4/2012Anatomy of a Winter Break
 1/9/2012Actually happens
 1/11/2012More Quantum Gradnamics
 1/16/2012Go back
 1/23/2012The Mountain Top
 1/25/2012By the way
 1/30/2012What's it going to be?
 2/6/2012Naming the machines
 2/8/2012Naming Themes
 2/10/2012Dr. Impossible
 2/13/2012Valentine Reading List
 2/15/2012Downton Labbey
 2/20/2012How's it going?
 2/22/2012The other side
 2/27/2012Inspired by true events
 3/2/2012No idea
 3/7/2012The Methodology Translator
 3/9/2012Travel Reimbursements, The Conclusion
 3/14/2012Staring contest
 3/26/2012Faculty Sightings
 4/2/2012Prospective Food
 4/11/2012Prospective Effort
 4/16/2012Academic Homepage
 4/20/2012The Daily Routine
 4/25/2012The Higgs Boson Explained
 4/30/2012Existential Deconstruction
 5/4/2012Don't worry
 5/7/2012Where are you from?
 5/9/2012Grad Stereogram
 5/14/2012The Avoidance Cycle
 5/18/2012Wishful Thinking
 5/23/2012What have you done?
 5/25/2012Hearing problem
 5/30/2012The Problem
 6/20/2012Vacation, part 2
 6/29/2012Vacation, part 3
 7/4/2012The Joy of Research
 7/16/2012Of course
 7/23/2012Not bad
 7/25/2012Fair enough
 7/30/2012PH.Detours - The New Mars Rover
 8/6/2012I love grad school
 8/8/2012Waiting for your Professor
 8/15/2012The never mind
 8/20/2012The Aura
 8/24/2012Ph.Detours Ep. 1 - LAVA!!
 8/27/2012Where To Do Lists go to die
 8/31/2012Summer To Do

 9/3/2012Extra Dimensions!
 9/5/2012Endless Summer
 9/10/2012Two Minute Thesis - Driver Safety
 9/12/2012Grad School Utility Chart
 9/17/2012Ph.Detours - Mauna Kea
 9/19/2012The Plans
 9/28/2012The Lab/Office Break Room
 10/2/2012Whale Barf and Perfume - 2 Minute Thesis
 10/3/2012Set your timer
 10/19/2012Secret Faculty Meeting
 10/24/2012What is Open Access?
 10/31/2012How many Ph.D.s does it take?
 11/2/2012Ph.Detours - The Physics of Surfing
 11/7/2012Punctuation mark decoder
 11/16/2012The Thesis Committee
 11/26/20122 Minute Thesis - Type Ia Supernovae
 12/5/2012Mild Affirmation
 12/10/2012The Fingerprint of Stars
 12/12/2012Les (Really) Miserables - I dreamed a dream
 12/19/2012Les (Really) Miserables - Master of the Lab
 12/24/2012Les (Really) Miserables - On my own
 12/28/2012Les (Really) Miserables - One Year More
 1/2/20132 Minute Thesis - Language and Development Culture among the Sherpa
 1/9/2013The Science Gap
 1/11/2013Exercise vs. Time
 1/14/2013Postdoc Social Hour
 1/16/2013Ph.Detours - Comic-Con, Part 1: The Fandom Menace
 1/21/2013How your Conference Presentation Goes
 1/25/2013Wisdom from my 3 year old
 1/30/2013The Best Years Of Your Life
 2/1/2013Mystery Tubes
 2/6/2013Grant Rejection
 2/11/2013Sad state of Research
 2/13/2013The Power of Comics - Ph.Detours Ep. 5
 2/15/2013Budget Sequestration Explained
 2/18/2013A serious matter
 2/20/2013Parenting: Almost totally worth it
 2/27/2013The Out-Of-Office Reply
 3/4/2013How to Build an Artificial Nose
 3/6/2013We need to talk.
 3/15/2013SuperScholars: Taking Comics Seriously
 3/18/2013Spring Break
 3/20/2013How irreplaceable are you?
 3/25/2013I in Team
 3/29/2013Girl Interrupted
 4/3/2013Circular logic
 4/8/2013A Game of Tenure
 4/10/2013Hyenas vs. Dogs
 4/15/2013Necessary but Sufficient
 4/19/2013How you spend your time
 4/24/2013The Shared Office Printer
 4/26/2013Searching for Shakespeare
 4/30/2013Happy Birthday
 5/1/2013Show me
 5/6/2013Crowdfunding Science
 5/10/2013It's in the syllabus
 5/14/2013Exoplanets Explained
 5/17/2013A Professor's Prayer
 5/22/2013Happy for them?
 5/25/20139 to 5
 5/27/2013London tappers learn to jam - Ph.Detours
 5/29/2013(More) Great Tweets of Science
 5/31/2013Academic Spam
 6/3/2013Professor Proverbs
 6/5/2013Friend Request
 6/7/2013For vs. With
 6/10/2013Doing the Impossible
 6/16/2013More Wisdom from my 3 Year Old
 6/17/2013The origin of the name
 6/19/2013How to Write Your Thesis in Ten Minutes a Day
 6/21/2013Is that in the book?
 6/24/2013The Very Dead Caterpillar - 2 Minute Thesis
 6/28/2013I know
 7/8/2013Coffee and the Brain
 7/10/2013Everything he can
 7/15/2013You can do that?
 7/17/2013Your Thesis Outline
 7/19/2013Zeno's Thesis' Paradox
 7/26/2013How's the data?
 7/31/2013The Socrastic Method
 8/2/2013Faculty Encounter
 8/5/2013Why Bees Are Important - Ph.Detours Ep. 9
 8/7/2013Best Ideas
 8/9/2013Coffee Security
 8/12/2013Of time and bionic cockroaches, Part 1 of 3
 8/14/2013Of time and bionic cockroaches, Part 2 of 3
 8/16/2013Of time and bionic cockroaches, Part 3 of 3
 8/19/2013Quantum Computers Explained
 8/21/2013Not so bad
 8/23/2013It's an Odd Job
 8/26/2013Hobo with a Ph.D.
 8/28/2013Search Results
 8/30/2013How was your summer?
 9/2/2013The Digital Humanities

 9/6/2013Seminar Food
 9/16/2013The Cult of Academia
 9/18/2013Should you ask a question during Seminar?
 9/20/2013Dare to ask
 9/23/2013Be Specific.
 9/25/2013The Search for New Antibiotics
 9/27/2013Your Graduation
 9/30/2013Taking work home
 10/2/2013Government Shutdown
 10/4/2013Office Hours
 10/7/2013Post-Doctor Who, Pt. 1
 10/9/2013Post-Doctor Who, Pt. 2
 10/11/2013Post-Doctor Who, Pt. 3
 10/14/2013Zombie Corals - Ph.Detours Ep. 10
 10/16/2013Post-Doctor Who, Pt. 4
 10/18/2013Believe it or Don't!
 10/23/2013The True Pace of Research
 10/28/2013Vaccines and Autism
 11/1/2013Peak Panic
 11/4/2013A Guide to Academic Relationships
 11/8/2013Spousal Ignorance
 11/18/2013The Club
 11/20/2013What to do when you're overwhelmed
 11/22/2013What to do when you're overwhelmed, Part 2
 11/25/2013What is Aging?
 11/27/2013Work vs. Cleaning
 11/29/2013Even more Wisdom from my 3 year old
 12/2/2013Your Academic Forecast
 12/4/2013Have you heard?
 12/6/2013Remote Control
 12/9/2013The Fish Detective
 12/11/2013No use
 12/13/2013The List
 12/16/2013Taking stock
 12/18/2013Looking forward
 12/20/2013Proof Santa doesn't Exist
 12/31/2013A Brief Interview with Stephen Hawking
 1/3/2014Grad School New Year Resolutions
 1/8/2014Happy New Year
 1/15/2014Running Behind
 1/17/2014The Edge
 1/20/2014What grades really mean
 1/22/2014It's time.
 1/24/2014Are you ready?
 1/27/2014Disparate Situation
 2/3/2014Amount of food you eat out of a bowl
 2/10/2014Quantum Entanglement Explained
 2/12/2014A Research Valentine
 2/14/2014Hypothetically Speaking
 2/17/2014Jerusalem Explained
 2/19/2014The Higgs Boson Re-Explained
 2/24/2014Academics, Politics and Identity
 2/28/2014Open Sesame
 3/3/2014Magic Code
 3/10/2014Comfort Zone
 3/17/2014Programming for Non-Programmers
 3/19/2014Cosmic Inflation Explained
 3/26/2014Not Pretty
 3/31/2014Check it
 4/2/2014Neil Armstrong on Being a Nerd
 4/4/2014So Typical
 4/14/2014Talking to Mom
 4/21/2014An Honest Methods Section
 4/25/2014Badge pass
 4/30/2014The Word Symposium
 5/5/2014What to call your Academic Event
 5/12/2014It's official
 5/14/2014A Real-Life Dr. Who
 5/16/2014Remote Advisor
 5/19/2014Through Thick and Thesis
 5/21/2014Academic Guilt
 5/26/2014To The Bitter End
 6/2/2014Eager Leader
 6/4/2014Art vs. Research
 6/6/2014Weather Check
 6/9/2014Fusion Energy Explained
 6/11/2014The Turing Test
 6/13/2014A Turing Test made from Real Professor Replies
 6/16/2014Summer Plans
 6/18/2014A Guide to Academic Regalia
 6/20/2014Academically Correct
 6/23/2014The Spiral
 6/25/2014Leading Expert
 6/27/2014The Value of Research
 6/30/2014What you think of your Professor
 7/2/2014For the Birds - 2 Minute Thesis
 7/4/2014That Moment.
 7/7/2014Bad News
 7/9/2014Professor Vacation
 7/11/2014Who needs a vacation?
 7/16/2014Writing Progress
 7/23/2014Writing shortcut
 7/28/2014The Neurobiology of Writing
 8/6/2014Do you have a minute?
 8/13/2014Provable Vacation
 8/20/2014Why Academics Really Use Twitter
 8/27/2014A Guide to Academic Neologisms
 9/1/2014Why Postdocs are always sweating
 9/8/2014Your Secret Chocolate Stashes
 9/10/2014Academic Auto-Pilot
 9/17/2014Postdoc Appreciation
 9/22/2014Google Search Suggestions

 9/29/2014Making something
 10/1/2014What are we made of?
 10/3/2014On Failure
 10/8/2014The Netflix Effect
 10/15/2014Teeming with Meetings
 10/17/2014Tenure Means
 10/20/2014Percentage of your day you spend in meetings
 10/22/2014Written Estimate
 10/29/2014Not write
 10/31/2014The Oxford Comma and Other Academic Punctuation Marks
 11/3/2014Research is complicated
 11/7/2014The Research Cycle
 11/12/2014The Academic Review Process
 11/19/2014To the point.
 11/21/2014Research I Problems
 11/26/2014How to tell it's time to graduate
 11/28/2014How to read a Professor's Door
 12/1/2014Quantum Knots
 12/8/2014Level Up.
 12/10/2014Bacteria Power
 12/11/2014The Biggest Fish In The World
 12/15/2014Holiday Parties
 12/19/2014Holiday Plan
 12/22/2014Holidata Wish
 12/24/2014Christmas Morning
 1/7/2015Make a plan.
 1/14/2015The PHD Movie 2 Production!
 1/19/2015On Schedule
 2/13/2015Happy Valentine
 2/25/2015The Purpose
 3/2/2015Giant Leap
 3/4/2015A friendly reminder
 3/11/2015Feeling sick
 3/13/2015Sick Day
 3/16/2015Who owns your data?
 3/20/2015Carry on
 3/25/2015Class communication
 4/1/2015Srsly, this happens.
 4/13/2015Monday Motivation
 4/17/2015Teaching Pet Peeves, Part 1
 4/22/2015How To Write An E-mail To Your Instructor Or Teaching Assistant
 5/1/2015Amount of Time Spent Writing your Thesis
 5/11/2015So wrong.
 5/15/2015Missing Out
 5/18/2015What to call yourself in Academia
 5/22/2015The Doctoral Dilemma
 5/27/2015Academic Contradictions
 5/29/2015Things you can do in Academia that would get you fired in the Real World
 6/3/2015Kickstarter Doodles
 6/5/2015The Exercycle
 6/12/2015Your Thesis Length
 6/17/2015Just a minute
 6/19/2015Toddler Thesis
 6/24/2015The Bedtime Routine
 7/1/2015The Dictionary Definition of Adjunct
 7/6/2015Like Gold
 7/13/2015Dante's Inferno, Academic Edition
 7/22/2015How funny you find PHD Comics
 7/29/2015Academic Deadlines
 8/7/2015A Grammatical Conundrum
 9/9/2015Vacation Equation
 9/16/2015Optimal Number of References
 9/21/2015Define read
 9/23/2015A Universal Reference Law

 9/28/2015Academics don't read
 10/7/2015The Guilt Timer
 10/12/2015Multiple Choice
 10/16/2015Built for Guilt
 10/21/2015A grad student revolution
 10/26/2015Zombies vs. Grad Students
 10/30/2015That thing you are supposed to be writing
 11/2/2015That thing you are still supposed to be writing
 11/6/2015That thing you were supposed to be writing
 11/9/2015An Honest Acknowledgment Section
 11/13/2015Coffee Quality vs. Writing
 11/16/2015That thing
 11/20/2015Don't remind me
 11/23/2015Your Hobbies
 11/27/2015Your love life
 12/2/2015How Professors are just like Jedi
 12/4/2015How Dare You
 12/7/2015Day Off
 12/11/2015Christmas Poll
 12/16/2015Tis the season
 12/23/2015The Thesis Committee - The PHD Movie 2
 1/6/2016What have you accomplished?
 1/15/2016Close match
 1/20/2016Research interests
 1/22/2016Life is what happens
 1/27/2016Possible reasons
 1/29/2016Special folder
 2/1/2016Gravitational Waves Explained
 2/3/2016The 5 most typed words in Academia
 2/8/2016Unfolding the Brain
 2/10/2016In your dreams
 2/17/2016Hello (Academic Version)
 3/4/2016The drill
 3/7/2016Look presentable
 3/11/2016Look productive
 3/16/2016Super Massive Black Holes
 3/18/2016Research equipment
 3/25/2016Murphy's Research Law
 3/30/2016Dream on
 4/1/2016Every move you make
 4/6/2016No boundaries
 4/8/2016Conference Decision Chart
 4/13/2016Your Teaching Politeness
 4/18/2016Study for life
 4/20/2016Microbiomes Explained
 4/22/2016How to Answer `Is this going to be on the test?`
 4/27/2016TL; DR
 4/29/2016Long Sentence
 5/4/2016The Question
 5/9/2016The Zika Virus?
 5/11/2016Final Draft
 5/13/2016What to do when the Internet goes down
 5/18/2016The exciting world of a postdoc
 5/20/2016The Beardening, Pt. 1
 5/27/2016The Beardening, Pt. 2
 7/1/2016A View of Brexit from Academia
 7/8/2016Doing vs Writing
 7/13/2016An Honest Academic Rejection Letter
 7/18/2016Mass Extinctions
 7/25/2016Author Name
 8/10/2016In School
 8/24/2016Still a student?
 8/31/2016Self Identification
 9/7/2016School Work
 9/19/2016The Point
 9/23/2016The last 3 years of your Ph.D.

 10/3/2016Gotta Catch Them All
 10/10/2016Election 2016
 10/19/2016Abstract Art
 10/24/2016A new method for reviews
 10/28/2016Some helpful advice for academics
 11/2/2016Presenting We Have No Idea
 11/16/2016Freaking out
 11/18/2016Not a good sign.
 11/30/2016Academic Apps
 12/5/2016What we spend time thinking about
 12/9/2016Listed Authors
 1/13/2017Word Count vs. Time
 1/18/2017Write write write write write write
 1/20/2017Women's March
 1/27/2017How I Write
 2/1/2017The new busy
 2/8/2017Bad Idea
 2/13/2017Instant Writing
 2/17/2017Pro and Con
 2/22/2017Unread e-mails
 3/6/2017The Thinking Spectrum
 3/10/2017Too happy
 3/15/2017Latest Videos from PHD TV
 3/20/2017URL vs IRL
 3/24/2017The Four Stages
 3/29/2017Science Showdown US vs UK
 4/7/2017True Story
 4/10/2017Book Trailer
 4/12/2017Drive by
 4/14/2017Page charge
 4/17/2017The March
 4/21/2017Professor Chat
 4/24/2017Meeting comprehension
 4/28/2017Automatic Reply
 5/12/2017Free excerpt - We Have No Idea
 5/17/2017Wearable device
 5/24/2017The trick
 5/31/2017Gravitational Waves New Detection
 6/2/2017Let's meet after
 6/9/2017The Date
 6/14/2017Modern Romance
 6/19/2017Reader Reviews
 6/30/2017Academic Travel
 7/12/2017The Conference Morning Session
 7/14/2017The Path to Enlightenment
 7/19/2017The Mysteries of SPACE
 7/21/2017Weekend Plans
 7/26/2017Half Summer Personality Test
 8/1/2017Nice try
 9/6/2017Page Limits

 9/13/2017Impostor Attack
 9/15/2017Inner Gollum
 9/20/2017Your Social Parabola
 9/27/2017Impostor, Pt. 3
 10/2/2017Impostor, Pt. 4
 10/4/2017Signs you're ready to graduate
 10/9/2017Lab Business
 10/16/2017Confusing Malaise
 10/23/2017End Times
 10/30/2017Current Law
 11/1/2017Stranger Theses
 11/15/2017Postdoctoral Spelling
 11/17/2017Tax Attack
 11/27/2017Awkward Media
 12/6/2017The Office Coffee Flowchart
 12/11/2017Nuclear War Explained
 12/22/2017On the side
 1/8/2018Number of Side Projects
 1/12/2018Did you leave it on?
 1/17/2018Let them know
 1/26/2018Training Telephone
 2/5/2018Stipend Percentages
 2/14/2018Future Work
 2/21/2018Whose interest?
 2/23/2018Winter Olympics
 3/7/2018So productive
 3/23/2018How you see your students
 3/30/2018Inbox Anxiety
 4/12/2018Remind me
 4/25/2018How good
 5/2/2018Open Questions
 5/11/2018Twenty Years
 5/14/2018Having Kids vs. Writing Your Thesis
 6/29/2018What you said
 7/6/2018Endless Cycle?
 7/13/2018Hurry up and wait
 7/20/2018Dream on
 7/27/2018The point of no returns
 8/3/2018Summer Acronym
 8/24/2018Coming up
 8/31/2018Exam View
 9/7/2018Your best friend
 9/14/2018Based on a true story
 9/18/2018New podcast! Daniel and Jorge Explain The Universe!
 9/21/2018Career Goal
 9/28/2018A Possible Phrase
 10/19/2018Also based on a true story
 11/23/2018Your Research Focus
 9/25/2018Soonish SMBC PHD Crossover Comic!
 11/1/2018Recurring Nightmare
 11/29/2018Academic Conclusions
 12/13/2018Submit button
 12/24/2018North Pole Facts



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