Proliferate Procrastination!
If you're wondering, "PhD comics has given me hours of free procrastination, how can I repay them?" Well, the answer is simple: buy the books! If you already bought them, buy them as a gift for a friend, your labmates, your siblings, etc. Nothing says "I like you" quite like the gift of procrastination. You can also help us spread the word: email your friends, or share the comics on Facebook or your favorite social media platform. Finally, help us bring the comics to your campus. Below are three ways you can help. Your contribution helps keep PhD alive and growing and on course in our grand master plan to bring sanity to the grad masses (insert maniacal laughter here).

Your Campus Newspaper

Want to see your campus paper print "Piled Higher and Deeper" in their comics section? Then contact your paper's editor and let them know! Let them know it's a great way for their paper to connect with the (often ignored) grad population. Tell them more information for newspaper editors can be found at:

Advertise! Post Fliers

Print these fliers out and post them around campus. Use them to decorate your office, lab or dorm room.

flier (a)

flier (b)

flier (c)

Motivation flier (d)

Work Output flier(e)

Procrastin-X flier(f)

Suggestion: the fliers (a ,b and c) are more effective if you post all three next to each other

Your Campus Bookstore

Help us distribute the Piled Higher and Deeper book! Print out this flier:

Bookstore Flier

Take it to your campus bookstore (try the information desk) and let them know it is a letter for the book buyer.

Unable to print it? Go to the information desk and ask that they carry the book anyways. Sometimes they listen!


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