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Connect with Grad Student Readers!
  Publish "Piled Higher and Deeper" (PHD), the popular comic strip about life (or the lack thereof) in grad school. It's free to student newspapers!

  Though they represent a significant portion of the campus population, grad students often feel ignored and don't pick up the school newspaper. PHD comics gives them something they can relate to and laugh about.

To subscribe to PHD comics, simply send an email to:
with the following information:
  - Your name
- Your newspaper's name
- Main contact person who will be downloading the comics

New comics are posted three times a week on M-W-F approximately one week ahead of online publication. Daily newspapers have access to the entire comics archive, including a list of "favorites" to fill in T-TH.


"Piled Higher and Deeper" is created by Jorge Cham, a former PhD student at Stanford University and Instructor at Caltech. PhD has been published in The Stanford Daily, The MIT Tech, The Caltech and Carnegie Mellon Newspapers among others.

Notable reviews:

- The Chronicle of Higher Education

"You'll laugh and wince at Jorge Cham's smart comic strip, which feels your pain, your panic, your coffee addition... and your departmental politics."

"Jorge Cham makes the daily grind just a bit more tolerable."
- Stanford Magazine

What grad students are saying

"Seriously, your comic is the only thing that keeps the Daily worth reading. I worship at your shrine of academic hilarity." -A reader from Stanford U.

"To the creators of the amazing phenomenon known as P.H.D.--I am enthralled! You have captured the life SO perfectly!" -A reader from U. of Delaware

"Thank you so much for Piled Higher and Deeper. Bluntly, it is hilarious! I am sure that generations of undergrads will appreciate their newfound understanding of both their TAs and those even more mysterious RAs." -A reader from the U. of Washington

"I really enjoy P.H.D.--the observations about life in grad school are right on, and I often laugh out loud when reading the strip. Thanks for making grad school a little easier." -A reader from U. Michigan

"This is one of the best things I've seen in a long time! Thanks for giving my graduate studies' lack of purpose a bright side." -A reader from U. of Florida

"Oh God, it hurts! It's all so true, and so evil! I can't tell whether I should be laughing or crying in sympathy." -A reader from Caltech

"Piled Higher and Deeper is much cleverer, more artistic, and more original than most of the tired comics in the paper have been for years! Keep up the good work!" -A reader from U. of Arizona

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