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The PHD Comics 20th Anniversary Collection

Get comics and special essays by Jorge Cham! - $20

PHD Book 1

Collects the first 5 years of PHD! - $15

PHD Book 2

See Mike's Thesis Defense! - $13.50

PHD Book 3

Read the afterword by YOU - $13.50

PHD Book 4

The fourth chapter in the PHD saga - $15

PHD Book 5

Get the biggest PHD collection yet! In full color! - $17

Prof. Smith's Rules for Advising Students

A collection of comics and sayings from Academia's most notorious faculty member - $10

The Power of Procrastination

Putting things off can sometimes be a good thing - $10

World's Best Advisor Mug

Do you dare!? - $14

Thesis Fuel Mug

Power up your thesis - $15

Grad Student Motivation Mug

Track your ups and downs - $14

The Doctor T-Shirt

Broadcast your qualifications - $18

The Grad School T-Shirt

Display your school spirit with a little irony - $18

The Grad School T-Shirt (Babydoll)

We're not sure the model on the picture is actually a grad student, but she could be. - $18.50

Recycle (Ideas) T-Shirt

A reusable shirt for a sustainable academic career - $18

Origin of the Thesis T-Shirt

Unnatural selection? - $18

Thesis Baby Onesie

Which due date is first? - $14

Tree-Hugger T-Shirt

For the nature-loving tree-hugger in your life - $20

Mike Research T-Shirt

It's called "Research" - $18

The PHD Movie DVD

The first PHD Movie! - $12

The PHD Movie 2 DVD

Take the epic sequel home - $12

WE HAVE NO IDEA (Signed hardcover)

The biggest mysteries of the Universe, in one fancy hardcover book! - $28

We Have No Idea (UK Edition - signed Paperback)

The biggest mysteries of the Universe, in one lightweight paperback edition. - $18

We Have No Idea (U.S. signed paperback)

The biggest mysteries of the Universe, in one handy paperback edition. - $20

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