Bookstores known to carry the PhD books:
*(note: this list is
NOT exhaustive. check your local bookstore for availability)
> U. Arkansas Medical Sciences Bookstore
> The Caltech Bookstore (info)
> The Stanford Bookstore (info)
> The UC Berkeley Bookstore
> The UC Davis Bookstore
> The UC Irvine Bookstore
> The USC Bookstore
> The UCLA BookZone bookstore
> Yale Univ. COOP
> Univ. South Florida Bookstore
> Florida International Univ. Bookstore
> Univ. Central Florida Bookstore
> UGA Bookstore
> Ga. Tech Bookstore
> Univ. Illinois Urbana-Champaign Union Bookstore (coming soon)
> University of Chicago Bookstore
> DePaul Univ. Bookstore
> The Seminary COOP bookstore (info)
> Lousiana State Univ. Bookstore
Maryland :
> U. Maryland College Park Bookstore
> U. Maryland Baltimore County Bookstore
> JHU Bookstore
> JHU Medical campu bookstore
> Harvard COOP
> Harvard Medical School COOP
> Clark University Bookstore
> Boston Univ. Bookstore
> U. Mich: Shaman Drum Bookshop
> Michigan Tech Bookstore
> Wayne State Univ. Bookstore
New Mexico :
> Univ. New Mexico Bookstore
New Hampshire :
> Dartmouth Bookstore
New York :
> 18st & 5th Avenue
> Columbia Univ. Bookstore
> The Cornell Store (info)
> The RPI Bookstore
> The Syracuse Univ. Bookstore
North Carolina :
> NC State Bookstore
> UNC Bull's Head Bookshop
North Dakota :
> Univ. of North Dakota Bookstore
> Ohio State Univ. Bookstore
> Student Book Exchange (Ohio State Univ)
> Case Western Reserve Univ. Bookstore
> Penn State U. Bookstore
> Univ. of Pennsylvania Bookstore
> Carnegie Mellon Univ. Bookstore
> Drexel Univ. Bookstore
Rhode Island :
> The URI Bookstore
> Rice University Bookstore
> Austin's Book People Bookstore
> Texas A&M's MSC Bookstore (Memorial Student Center)
> Southern Methodist Univ. Bookstore (Dallas)
> University of Utah Bookstore
> Virginia Commonwealth University Bookstore
> University of Virginia Bookstore
> College of William & Mary Bookstore
Washington State:
> Washington State U. Bookstore
> U. Wisconsin Madison Bookstore
Look for it also in select Barnes & Noble stores!

(Know of any store that has started carrying the book? Write us to let us know!)


Now available at your
local bookstore!
just tell 'em to order it through


Don't want to pay shipping? We understand.

The PHD books are now available through NACSCorp, the leading campus bookstore distributor, and Baker & Taylor, the world’s second largest book wholesaler.

This means that any bookstore (your campus store, the local independent bookstore, even big chains like Borders and Barnes & Noble) can order it for you AT NO SHIPPING COST to you (yes! it's true!).

Just print out this flier we provide and follow the instructions below:

How to get the PHD books
from your local Bookstore:

take this flier
to your local




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