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Welcome to "Piled Higher and Deeper", the ongoing chronicle of life (or the lack thereof) in grad school. If you're just here for a few laughs, you may want to check out these general fan favorites that poke fun at grad students, research and procrastination:

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If, like us, you are more serious about procrastination, you can get to know the characters in the strip through these fan favorites:
The perfect grad student and a chocoholic, it took years for Cecilia to admit she is, in fact, a geek.
- Geeks Anonymous
- Engineering Ratio
- Definition of geeks
- High School Reunion
- Conference trip
- Valentine's

Mike Slackenerny
Brilliant, wily, and usually napping, Mike has been in grad school longer than anyone can remember. His wife and auxiliary source of funding (i.e. "Sugar Mama"), Jen, is hoping he'll graduate soon. Very soon.
- Introduction
- How to look busy
- Grad Student Etiquette
- Conference in Hawaii
- To PhD or not to PhD
- PhD Widows
The only humanities Social Science grad student of the bunch, Tajel is constantly finding causes for which to rally protests
- Macs
- Raiders of the Lost Dissertation
- Thesis Topic
- Dept. Social
- Protest

The nameless hero of the strip, fans have always wondered why nobody bothers to call him by his name. His little sister, Dee, is usually hungry and thinks grad school seems like a perfect way to put off deciding what to do with your life.
- Independent study
- Grading
- Mariko
- Your Life Ambition
- Little sister
- The GRE
Alternately, if you feel you are ready to take the plunge and begin your training in the dark arts of graduatehood, you can dive headlong into the archive, starting with the first strip here.

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